We are proud to offer quality handgun live fire courses from the basic through advance into low light. Our instructors are Texas Police Officers who are licensed in the field of firearm instruction. These courses are designed to enhance and develop your skills on your stance, your grip, your sight picture, trigger control and follow through. Additionally the course instructs on loading and unloading your handgun, charging your handgun, shoot moving, shoot don't shoot and shoot with your off hand. The course uses scenario exercises and offers you instruction on effective use of cover and concealment which includes effectively clearing rooms. The design of the course are one builds into the other with the last course mostly instructed in a dark room with you using a flashlight. The concept of these courses are for you to gain confidence and or to enhance your actual skills to use a handgun safely within your home, office or vehicle in a self-defense situation. The course fee is 100.00 which includes the course instruction, range and target fees. The course fee does not include use of handgun, ammunition, ear & eye protection. Any person may attend the course(s) and purchase equipment rental bundles.

National Rifle Association Courses


Our courses are instructed by Texas Police Officers. All instructors are licensed and have numerous years of experience in their field. Classroom and firearm instruction is required for you to obtain your License To Carry Handgun License. Our course is designed for attendees to gain the most knowledge. Our presentation is a lecture / power point presentation of Texas laws, use of common sense and reasonableness. The course reviews Use of Force and Deadly Force as well as Self-Defense laws which are relevant to you whether you are seeking your License To Carry Handgun or seeking knowledge to defend yourself, your family and your property.


Our course fee includes; LTC presentation and firearm qualification, range and target fees, issuance of Texas' Handgun Law book (By TXDPS-PDF format), other firearm gun safety books and documents.


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Course Information

Bear Ventures offers equipment to rent including semiautomatic pistols, ear & eye protection for any of our courses. We offer equipment to purchase including ear & eye protection and ammunition. To make things easier we offer bundle packages of training and equipment or equipment.


Group / Private Courses

Handgun Courses


The NRA Basic Pistol Course teaches basic knowledge and skills for owning and operating a handgun safely. This course is designed to be approximately eight hours to include classroom instruction offered in a lecture style power point presentation followed by actual demonstration and instruction firing handguns at the gun range. The course instruction includes handgun components, ammunition, shooting fundamentals, range rules, shooting positions, handgun cleaning and other opportunities to build your handgun skills. The course fee is 125.00 and includes; NRA books & materials, basic pistol course, use of multiple handguns, ammunition needed for the course, use of ear & eye protection, range and target fees, refreshments throughout the course and a great lunch.


We offer couple's discounts, Military discounts upon request. Our course fee is 75.00, if for any reason you register for one of our courses and cannot attend you can attend a different course without loss of your paid fee. We offer bundle packages to include the course and equipment needed to attend the course.

Courses & Information

Texas' License To Carry Handgun License Course

Training Locations

Private one-on-one instruction or private group(s) instruction is available. Instruction fees are quoted dependent upon needs or desired instruction out come. Contact us for more details. Instruction is offered at your location or ours.

Our classroom instruction for our CHL and NRA courses are completed at Red River Gun Range in Sherman, Texas. This facility offers a spacious instructional environment. The gun range is an in-door range therefore Texas' weather is never a factor. Other facilities are set for group courses and group courses can be completed at your facility.