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Bear Ventures is a law enforcement professional owned and operated business since 2006. We offer quality training for License To Carry Handgun (Open Carry) which includes Concealed Carry Handgun training with the purpose for you to gain knowledge in the proper and legal use of firearms for self defense. We offer quality firearms and related equipment for beginners and advance firearms users.

The philosophy and design of our courses instructs in such a manner that you gain  and retain relevant knowledge that best serves you and your family.  

As a Texas police officer, I have seen the affects in a use of force and use of deadly force situation. It is vitally important that you know exactly what you are doing and you understand the laws that govern all of us in our ability to defend our self, our family and our property.

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Red River Firearms, LLC. 

2926 Texoma Parkway

Sherman, Texas                                 Other Locations Coming In 2016 

Bear Ventures


Founded: 2006

Owner: Richard Deggs

Licenses: Master Peace Officer, Special Investigator, TCOLE Law Enforcement Instructor, Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor, NRA Firearms Instructor.


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